bungalow's story

Once you have entered the world of Bungalow, you will immediately know you are somewhere different, somewhere else. Bungalow is piles of symmetrical, organized yet almost over-abundant visual beauty. It is as if you have entered the markets of Morocco where huge mounds of spices overwhelm the senses, yet here there are accessories, furnishings, French antique mirrors, and mounds of beautiful things you want to touch, admire, and have in your home. There are thousands upon thousands of choices that will beckon you to wander and explore. The experience of meandering through the curated yet organic aisles of Bungalow calls to mind the sensations of walking freely through the alleys of far away places – around every corner there is always something new to explore, something beautiful and exotic to discover. Even if you’ve yet to peruse the markets of Europe or the Middle East, Bungalow will make you feel like you’ve entered a distant yet familiar realm. It’s truly a journey and a window to the world, created by Wende for you, a journey that will call you again and again.

As Wende is fond of saying, “If you love something you will find a place for it in your life.” You’re sure to find that special something at Bungalow.

Wende's story

After relocating to Westport, Connecticut from Manhattan in 1996, Wende Cohen was looking to combine her passions for travel, antiquing, the arts and home décor. When a well-known antiques dealer abroad complimented her on her discerning eye and effortless style, she was inspired to open a shop in her new hometown of Westport, CT.

With a background in retail, sales and marketing, it all seemed to fall into place when a charming retail space became available in just the right spot. Wende quickly signed the lease and immediately jumped on a plane to Europe to stock the shop. She had the time of her life filling her first 40 foot shipping container with an amazing assortment of antiques and home accessories from all over the continent. The products she had lovingly sourced on this first trip nearly sold out as the container was being unloaded in the parking lot. And so the Bungalow journey had begun…