Nicole Hogarty

Nicole Hogarty
Collage of Nicole Hogarty’s selected products from Bungalow

Working throughout the United States and beyond, principal Nicole Hogarty and her team of specialists combine their imaginative artistry with the kind of clear-eyed expertise and attention to detail needed to lead complex projects to a successful finish. Clean lines and a keen regard for scale and proportion are NHD’s hallmark, leading to serene spaces that allow colors, textures, and the innate character of rich materials to shine through.

We loved hosting Nicole as she selected some of her Must Have pieces from the shop. To learn more about Nicole follow her on Instagram @nicolehogartydesigns or her website

During these times, it is more important than ever to support a local business. Bungalow is able to provide a high level of service and quality that is attune to our client's lifestyles. From urban to coastal environments, the team at Bungalow’s passion is reflected through each piece in their impeccably curated showroom.

Nicole Hogarty


Knotted Balls
Hand Knotted Teak Root Balls from France
14kt Gold + Black Diamond Pendant from L Baldwin Jewels
14kt Gold by L Baldwin Jewels
Black Metal Mobius Knot from France
Reclaimed Teak + Rope Indoor/Outdoor Chair from Belgium
Oversized Handmade Raku Bowl from French Artist
Solid Oak Trestle Base from England w/ Custom Belgian Stone Top
Hand Etched Glass domes on Wood Base from Germany
Table Lamp
Sculptural Handblown Glass Lamp on Wood Base from Belgium.
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