Wende Cohen in Paris


There is no other shop like it.

Bungalow is a chic lifestyle boutique in downtown Westport, Connecticut with discerning customers from across the country, and a curated collection from all over the world.

A go-to resource for interior designers, celebrities, influencers and stylish homeowners from across the globe, Wende Cohen’s one-of-a-kind shop was named the most beautiful store in the state by Architectural Digest.

Wende Cohen

For the last 30 years, Wende Cohen’s singular discriminating eye has been the key to curating Bungalow’s inimitable collection of furniture, gifts, home accessories and fine jewelry atelier. Her sought-after aesthetic is created through a serene palette of color and texture, and the belief that age and imperfection can make a piece even more beautiful.

After a career in New York in advertising and sales, Wende relocated to Connecticut in 1996 and soon opened Bungalow, where she combined her passions for travel, antiquing, art and home décor.

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