Crafted by a New York artisan, these unique dishes and platters offer a wide selection and can be custom ordered.
Elevate Your Tea or Coffee Ritual with Exquisite Ceramic Ware.
Stoneware bowl crafted by French Artisan, each piece glazed uniquely.
Butter indeed! Quite chic...
Introduce art to your table using these handmade porcelain bowls and dishes.
Get your table looking stylish with an ombre placemat on a round table - a must-have style for everyone!
Imagine setting the table with a flower placemat, elegant cutlery, ceramic dishes, and linen napkins. What else could you need to create a playful diner?
Perfect Way to Cradle Your Soft Boiled Eggs: Fun Magnetic Holders from Europe!
Visualize your table setting adorned with elegant matte handle Cutlery.
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