Alyssa Rosenheck

Alyssa Rosenheck

Author, Speaker, Architectural Photographer

Alyssa Rosenheck is a celebrated photographer, best-selling author, stylist, speaker, and cancer survivor based in Nashville, Tennessee. In her debut book, The New Southern Style, she gives readers an all-access pass into the conversations and home tours of more than 30 creative entrepreneurs, from artists to designers to musicians to James Beard-nominated chefs. We were thrilled to host her for a book signing at Bungalow and are excited to share some of Alyssa’s MUST HAVES from the shop. For a daily dose of inspiration, follow her on Instagram @alyssarosenheck or online at

Alyssa’s Picks

Collage of Alyssa Rosenheck's selected products from Bungalow
Linen + Wool Blend Handwoven in Belgium
14KT + Diamond from JL Rocks
14KT from JL Rocks(also available in white + yellow)
Coffee Table Book
The New Southern Style by Alyssa Rosenheck Published by Abrams Books
Collection of textured pots from France
Nesting Bowls
Handmade Ceramic from Italy
Vintage Elmwood from France
Organic Reclaimed Teak Organic Edge Bowl from Belgium
Washed Oak + Linen from Belgium
Ultra light Cashmere woven in Japan using Vintage Looms
Large Stone Necklace from The Dogan Tribe of Mali
Black Terracotta Pot from Belgium
Readers or Screen Readers from Look Optic style: Sullivan in Honey
Basket Bowl
Hand Woven Water Hyacinth Basket w/ Cotton Embroidered Edging
Fur Chair
Shearling Chair + Ottoman from Turkey
Reclaimed Black Teak Console from Belgium
Table Lamp
Vintage Urn Lamp from Belgium

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Alyssa Rosenheck




You are an architectural and interiors photographer, best-selling author of The New Southern Style, stylist and speaker. What’s next on the agenda?

I have a few fun things up my sleeve rolling out in the next few months. So, we will have to patiently wait and see (myself included here — patience is something I continue to work on Xx). I can promise you though — it will be filled with substance and value for the design and creative community.

Tell us about the New Southern movement.

I am redefining what it means to be Southern — The New Southern is a movement grounded in cultural change and community, while honoring and humanizing our differences through the lens of creativity. In the book I am sharing my photography of over 30 home and studio tours as well as conversations with artists, chefs, designers, makers, activists and authors. This is The New Southern.

You’ve been featured in every national publication and worked with clients all over the country. What do you love most about your career?

There is a certain type of energy and support that occurs when collaborations are born from a pure sense of service. I love experiencing this and pouring my heart into the process. This is where the magic happens — movements are born, books are published, and women-owned businesses gain exposure and grow. I love the process along with how expansive our dreams can be.

What design trends are you loving for 2021?

As a creative through and through, my answer hardly deviates from the classics here — I gravitate toward visual rest and room to breathe. For me this is in the form of puttied tones, patina, plastered walls, intentional art, worn rugs, floor to ceiling windows and weathered woods. I like finding life in the inanimate and having it support my art — so here's to 2021 and beyond with the fundamentals.

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