Yolanda Edwards

Yolanda Edwards

Founder + Editor, YOLO Journal

Yolanda Edwards is an American writer, editor, and media executive. She is the former creative director of Condé Nast Traveler magazine, and is the founder and publisher of Yolo Journal. A true lover of the printed page, Yolanda created Yolo Journal because she’s passionate about photography, travel and collecting great ideas. When you sit down with a copy of her breathtaking magazine, you are immediately transported to some of the most beautiful destinations in the world, as seen through the lenses of some of the most talented photographers. They gather and edit the best sources and intel, and feature it in this printed quarterly. We were thrilled to walk alongside Yolanda as she shopped Bungalow to select her Must Haves, scroll down to watch the video! For more of the daily conversation happening at YOLO, follow @yolojournal and sign up for their fantastic newsletter yolojournal.substack.com.

Yolanda’s Picks

Collage of Yolanda Edward's selected products from Bungalow
14kt Gold Ball Chain Toggle Necklace from Livewell Designs
Collection of Ceramic Nesting Bowls from an Italian Ceramicist
Hand Embroidered Linen + Cotton from Salento, Italy
Handmade using Vegetable Wax each scent inspired by locations around the globe
Glazed Terracotta from French Artist
Collection of Vintage Accolay Pottery handmade in Burgundy in the 1950s + 1960s
Weekender Bag
Made from Upcycled fabrics sustainably sourced from around the world
14 kt Gold Enamel Bands set w/ a Single Diamond from JL Rocks
Handmade by Italian ceramicist Marcello Fantoni
Solid Hand Carved wood table from Guinea
All Leather Made in Saint Tropez
Shell Necklaces
Vintage Tribal Shell Necklaces from Papua New Guinea
Serving spoons carved out of Olive Wood from Tunisia
Handsewn Patchwork crafted w/ Vintage Textiles from Chile
Bowl + Pedestals
Antique pottery pieces hand selected in the markets of Marrakesh
Shipwreck Pots
Salvaged from a wreck off the coast of Indonesia beautifully encrusted with Marine Growth

Bungalow scours the globe to find the most special things. They really do bring pieces of the world right to your home.

Yolanda Edwards




Prior to launching YOLO, you were the editor of Conde Nast Traveler. Has exploring the world always been your passion?

I didn’t grow up traveling other than driving to and from grandparents’ houses—between Washington State and California, and the occasional camping trip. As a young teen I started looking at magazines and seeing these beautiful locations around the world, and just knew I had to get myself there. I made my first trip to Europe when I was 16, going with my friend and her well-traveled parents to Greece (Mykonos), Italy, and France. Travel changed my life.

What was the inspiration behind launching YOLO Journal?

I started in magazines before there was the internet—so there was definitely a time when the magazine had to supply all the details in their stories. But at a certain point, magazines didn’t need to provide that, but they kept doing it. I always bristled when our editors at Traveler told me we needed to include addresses and $$$ for restaurants and hotels—asking why—when everyone who is actually going to go there is going to find it on their phone anyway? I felt we compromised beauty for service, but it wasn’t actually the help people needed. I wanted to create something that inspired, and felt personal—real trips taken by interesting, curious people with good taste. Not editors hiring writers to go places they may have never been before, and pairing them with photographers who were in the same boat.

What is your idea of the perfect vacation?

It doesn’t matter where you go, it’s all about having that break in routine, that allows you to be free and be the best, most curious and open version of yourself. But if you want a specific place that is perfection for me, that is Greece. The sea is the best, the food is so simple and clean, and the people are deeply kind.

What’s next for YOLO Journal? Any new plans on the horizon?

I’m very excited about our newsletter that we just launched. It’s the place where we’ll go deeper on intel that I think would muck up the pretty pages of the magazine. In June we did a deep dive on all the islands in Greece and in July, we have been going deep on the States, to coincide with our America issue. You can find it here yolojournal.substack.com.

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